sábado, enero 22, 2005

Washington Bible

The Washington Bible is one of United States' Freemasonry's most treasured possessions. It is difficult in the modern age to convey the sense of genuine affection the citizens of the newly formed country held for the man who became their first president. Prior to the time of his election, those who held control of government did so by might and/or heredity. Washington was unique in that he ruled with the consent of the governed. This sea change (which, in today's language we might refer to as a paradigm shift) was huge. Washington had served the colonies as the leader in the Revolutionary War but rather than grabbing the reigns of power as so many other military conquerors had done, simply returned to his home to lead a quiet life. His humility marked him as the appropriate choice for the leadership of the fledgling nation and when word arrived at Mount Vernon that he had been chosen for this position, he simply followed the call of 'duty' and proceeded the very next day to New York where he would become 'President'.

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